The basic blackjack strategies – the best way to earn real money on the table

The variety of blackjack strategies

While playing such an interesting game as Blackjack, the player must be aware that their final success depends not only on luck, but also on the previously chosen strategy of the game.

There are many such blackjack strategies, but we would like to single out the base strategy – the only strategy game where the advantage of a gambling house towards you is reduced to only 0.5%. Video blackjack strategies would help to understand how to play.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

So, many players follow simple rules according to which they try to reduce the chance of losing, i.e. busting.

For example, many, having received 12 points on their hands, are afraid of receiving dozens (and this is not surprising, because 10 points is the most frequently encountered card), so they decide to fold. But such a long-distance strategy will not bring profit. The fact is that playing it, we reduce the probability of basic odds on deck winning by 4%.

Doubling strategy in blackjack

This is one of the strategies for blackjack which is quite similar to the well-known martingale strategy that is used in roulette (see martingale at roulette), as well as in bookmakers and in other gambling games. And if the Martingale is not sufficiently effective in sports, as well as in roulette, then doubling bears fruit in blackjack.

The main purpose of this one among strategies of blackjack is to double the bet after the next loss, and to return to the original size of the bet after each win. For such a game, three conditions are necessary – a table with an unlimited maximum rate, impressive gaming capital and iron nerves, coupled with a good shutter speed. As a result of the game on such a strategy, even after three losses and one subsequent win, the player will be in the black.

Hilo System in Blackjack

These blackjack tips and strategies are also quite common. Its simplicity allows you to enjoy the benefits even for beginners. True, it is suitable only for real casinos, or for single-deck Blackjack. So what is its meaning?

Hilo’s strategy is card counting. First, the player must remember that each card must have its own number. All cards with pictures, as well as an ace and ten must be taken as a -1 point, each nine, eight or seven is taken as 0, and all other cards are taken as +1. When receiving cards, the player must calculate by adding or subtracting the values assigned to the cards.

System 1-3-2-6

Another rather interesting and simple one among blackjack strategies is the 1-3-2-6 system, which is quite similar to the Passwords system.

In simple terms, the system works according to its name. If the card goes and you win, you need to increase the bet as many times as indicated in the name of the system.