Play Blackjack online: learn the rules and use the tips

How to win when you play Blackjack online in the USA

If you enjoy classic card and table games, you will never refuse to play Blackjack online when you get this chance. Currently, this is the most often chosen casino game in the USA (probably, now, it is even more popular than Poker). Actually, even those, who never touched cards, can understand the principle used when you want to play Blackjack online for fun. Really, everything seems so simple in the beginning: your task is just to count cards and get 21 needed points to win.

Nevertheless, before you start gambling and winning, you must learn the rules — they will help you when you finally decide to play Blackjack online for real money. Here, you will find the tips and recommendations that will let you become a winner and get the largest prize.

Learn the rules to play Blackjack online: start with the bets

When you finish reading the information about the rules that you will use to play Blackjack online, you will realize that this game is simpler than Poker. When gamblers play 21 Blackjack online free (or for money: it does not mater here), they start from making bets. The skill of a player here is mainly determined by his ability to “track” and count the cards that have left the game. He has to have a very good memory and be able to concentrate on the game.

In brief, the rules here are simple: get 21 points. If you do it, you will win. If you get 22 and more, you will lose.

The cards nominations and combinations

Start to play Blackjack online for fun to remember the nominations and combinations of cards. These are the following ones: Ace is 1 or 11 (depending on the player’s choice), K, Q, J, and 10 are 10 points each, the other cards’ values correspond.

Look at these combinations that will give you various numbers of points to understand it:

  • K (Q, J, 10) +A = 21, Blackjack: you win;
  • 9+8= 17 (you can risk to take one more card or not as you can get more than 21);
  • 5+ 4= 9 (take more cards), etc.

Strategies: do they work?

When you play Blackjack online for real money, it is supposed that you should use certain strategies. However, as practice shows, when you gamble in a virtual casino, no strategy works. You can try to count the cards — at least this method will never bring you harm: you must remember the cards that left the game.

Some professional gamblers even use special calculators and tables with the basic strategy. You can follow their example, but soon, you will find out that your chances to win can be increased by 1% only.

Paroli system

Naturally, you can check is for strategies work. For instance, use simple Paroli System. Here, you start with the smallest bet. When the first bet is successful and wins, the next stake must be increased. When the initial stake loses, the gambler uses the smaller bet again.

Just an example: your stake is 2 USD. You bet 2 and win 2 USD. Now, your bet must be $4. If you win this time, your stake will be 8, etc.

Important tips that will help you become a professional Blackjack player

You should better start to play Blackjack online in a casino for free until you understand that you are ready for real gambling. If you are a registered user on a gambling resource, you can have this opportunity. Do not better risk.

The other tips can be also helpful.

  1. Determine in advance your budget for the game and stick to it, so as not to be in debt;
  2. Play is the minimum bat is 5% of your gaming budget;
  3. Take a card if the amount of your hand is less than 17 when the dealer has an 8, 9, 10-point card;
  4. Stop if you have more than 11 points in total when the dealer has 4, 5, and 6. The dealer is forced to take a card and in 40% he will lose taking over 21 points;
  5. Never make an insurance bet only if you are not engaged in counting cards professionally. Only by counting the cards you can determine the chance of winning the insurance rate.

Doubling and splitting

This strategy can be very useful. The players can double his hand when they have a 10-point card if the dealer has 9 or fewer points. Sometimes, when you play Blackjack online, doubling 9 is prohibited.

When you find out that you were given 2 cards that have the same value, you should better split them. However, do not split the 10s and 5s. Split Aces always. Raise the stakes during a successful game.

Give preference to a live dealer game: play Blackjack online, choosing, for example, Microgaming real dealer Blackjack games. In the game with a live dealer, you control each round of the game and do not depend on the random number generator.

Probably, you will not become a professional even after months of training, but nevertheless, Blackjack will teach you the best concentration. You will learn what it is — to wait and to be patient. You will understand that you should think first, and only then, taking a final decision.