Case study: Manchester City Council

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This document outlines what the Council is seeking to achieve for Manchester’s residents and neighborhoods through Social Value. Its intention is to provide guidance, information and contact details as a support to suppliers when considering their ‘offer’ and delivery of social value when engaging in a Manchester procurement tender and the successful award of a contract. Continue reading

Case study: Greater Manchester Combined Authority

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This Social Value commissioning policy document from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority outlines the councils objectives of, among other things,: creating jobs, improving living standards and making Manchester more environmentally sustainable. It also provides examples of what might be required of organisations working with the authority in order to meet these objectives.  Continue reading

Case study: Salford City Council

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Salford City Council has documents outlining in detail their social value policies and the positive impact that these policies have had on Salford’s economy and public services. Continue reading

Case study: Bristol City Council

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Here is a set of documents from Bristol City Council outlining their Social value policy and going into the details of how the council applies social value to its policies in commissioning related particularly to environmental issues, boosting employment and supporting small local businesses. Continue reading

Coventry City Council Social Value resources page

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This resource from the Coventry City Council website outlines the council’s social value policies and contains numerous case studies of social value policies being put into practice with positive results.

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