Local Authority Strategy Documents

Reading different organsiations approaches and real world examples of social value helps create a clearer image of what social value is and what it can provide, either as an individual or business. On this page you can find a range of strategy documents and social value charters that have been published by local authorities:

Procurement Strategies:

Allerdale Council – Procurement Strategy

Merton Council – Procurement Strategy

Camden – Procurement Strategy

Carlisle Council – Procurement Strategy

Hertsmere – Procurement Strategy

Corporate and Sustainable Procurement Strategy:

St Helens Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Tewkesbury Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Hinckley and Bosworth Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Havering Council – Corporate Procurement Strategy

Enfield Council – Corporate and Sustainable Procurement Strategy

Cumbria Council – Sustainable Procurement Strategy

Dorset – Sustainable Procurement Strategy

Different Procurement Methods:

Croydon Council – Commissioning (Procurement) Strategy

Durham Council – Commissioning and Procurement Strategy

Lambeth Council – Social Value Strategy and Responsible Procurement

Cornwall Council – Responsible Procurement and Commissioning Policy

Chiltern and South Bucks Council – Joint Procurement Strategy

Social Value Policy:

Lewisham Council – Social Value Policy

Knowsley – Social Value Policy

Walsall Council – Social Value Policy

Social Value Toolkits:

Conventry – Social Value Policy (Social Value Toolkit)

Croydon – Social Value Toolkit

Sefton Council – Social Value Toolkit

Cumbria Council – Social Value Toolkit (For Commissioners and Procurers)

Durham Council – Social Value Taskforce Report

Blackpool – Inspiring and Creating Social Value (Social Value Toolkit)

Croydon – Inspiring and creating Social Value (Social Value Toolkit)

Chiltern and South Buck – Voluntary and Community Sector (Social Value Toolkit)

Hull City Council – Social Value Policy Statement (Social Value Toolkit)

A Social Value toolkit for Milton Keynes Council