STaR Shared Procurement Service

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STaR Shared Procurement Service is a partnership of Stockport, Trafford and Rochdale Metropolitan Councils which aims to increase value for money and social benefits throughout the commissioning process. The service was established in 2013 and issues over 400 procurement tenders each year.

What did you do?

Stockport Council, in collaboration with Rochdale and Trafford councils established a Strategic Procurement Service (STaR) aimed at improving the cost effectiveness of services and social value generation.

STaR shared procurement service is involved in procurement of services relating to:

• Place and Works (highways, environment, hard facilities management, construction, works)

• People (children, adults, public health, education)

• Professional (ICT, office)

All staff working in STaR shared procurement service are CIPS Qualified (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) or are currently undertaking this qualification.

STaR shared procurement service works closely with The Trafford Partnership (bringing together over 100 organisations from the public, private and voluntary/community sectors) to meet the needs of local communities more effectively and efficiently. The ability to bring together organisations from different sectors with different strengths allows tackling of long-term challenges to local government. STaR also works with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) in providing apprenticeships, with collaboration of the 3 councils hoped to increase contract completion rates.

A joint executive committee made up of one executive councillor from each of council was established to monitor the work of STaR and ensure it stays fit for purpose. Responsibility for provision of procurement services is shared between the councils.

What did you learn (things to avoid, things to do etc)

By working together and with existing partnerships (e.g. Construction Industry Training Board and The Trafford partnership), local councils can be more effective and achieve greater value for money in their commissioning activities.

Partnership between several councils permits greater opportunities for leverage over organisations when commissioning for social value and significantly increased contract completion.

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