Social Return on Investment – London Borough Waste Management Company

Background Info

This report gives an example of good practice in regards to how an organisation can review the social value it generates through providing a service.

Sustainable Business Partnership was employed by a Waste Management Company (WMC) to review the social impact of its work in London Borough. This review of social value used Social Impact Mapping and a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis.

What did you do?

Workshops were conducted to:

– Identify stakeholders and the ways in which they benefit from and contribute to WMCs delivery of the service.

– Establish the scope that an SROI report should cover.

– Understand the level of services provided by WMC.

An SROI analysis was undertaken to assess the value generated by the service.

What did you learn (things to avoid, things to do etc)

Engagement with stakeholders is useful for identifying the full extent of social benefits provided by the service.

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