Social Audit case study: Highland Home Carers

Background Info

Highland Home Carers is an Inverness-based homecare provider, owned by its 160 employees. It produces annual social audits (where “social accounts” are prepared and independently audited) to better understand how the organisation generates social value.

What did you do?

Conducted annual social audits.

What did you learn (things to avoid, things to do etc)

– An independent audit allowed for identification of areas where service could be enhanced (particularly in regards to communication with stakeholders)

How did this affect understanding and/or achievement of social value?

– Prompted improvements in “quality assurance systems and processes, which involve service users, carers, staff and stakeholders to assess the quality of service we provide”

– Improvements made on the basis of information obtained from the social audit allowed the organisation to improve their Care Commission grade (which now stands at Level 6: Excellent)

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Contact (email address etc)

Social Audit Network 54 St James Street Liverpool L1 0AB 0151 706 8121

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