Multiplying Social Value – DISE

Background Info

Solihull Council supports social enterprises, targeting poor neighbourhoods with the support of the European Regional Development fund. They have partnered together to create Development in Social Enterprise (DISE). One business in particular is Gro-Organic CIC supporting people of all ages to understand where their food comes from.

What did you do?

Growth of Gro-Organic CIC is largely attributed to the partnership with Solihull Council, acting as a springboard for their future as a social enterprise within their local community. DISE has worked with over 65 organisations and strive for tangible outcomes of change.

How did this affect understanding and/or achievement of social value?

Social value includes but is not limited to: new businesses, new jobs, safeguarding jobs, increased turnover, improved business resilience, increased likelihood of securing financial investment, new contracts (public and private) as well as reaching marginalised populations and individuals.

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