Levelling the playing field

Background Info

Midland Heart, a housing and care organisation, reviewed the procurement process for landscaping, contract and window cleaning across the Midland Heart homes which were usually serviced by a private sector contractor, and were then dispersed amongst different social enterprises.

What did you do?

Midland Heart offered a combination of 31 geographic lots to be dispersed between social enterprises for contracting as opposed to having one single private sector contractor do the landscaping, contract and window cleaning across their homes. There was a ‘Meet the Buyer’ event where 55 social enterprises attended, eight contractors were appointed including social enterprises, local small family run businesses. This commissioning saved Midland Heart 6% more than in previous years in addition to the social value that was created.

What did you learn (things to avoid, things to do etc)

From this project, Midland Heart learned that in addition to creating social value by using local, smaller businesses and social enterprises, they can save money as well.

How did this affect understanding and/or achievement of social value?

Social value was generated because the contracts were awarded to social enterprises and local businesses as opposed to using a larger private sector company.

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