Knowsley Council: An Emerging Approach to Social Value

Background Info

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council set up a cross-sector partnership board with Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, Knowsley CVS, Knowsley Housing Trust, the Community Foundation for Merseyside and representatives from the public, private, social, voluntary and community sectors in order to identify areas where there existed need for social value generation. This allowed for more informed commissioning and procurement of goods and services by Knowsley Council.

What did you do?

The partnership worked together to develop a statement on social value which could then be used to inform commissioning and procurement of goods and services. This process involved public consultation to identify areas where members of the community felt social value should be generated. The partnership developed the ‘Knowsley Social Value Model’ identifying economic, social and environmental outcomes likely to improve the wellbeing of the local community. These six outcomes were:

• An increase in community resilience including the development of local skills and jobs

• A reduction in the demand for public services

• An increase in the number of, and impact volunteers make in communities

• An increase in the number of new community businesses developed and the impact they have in communities

• An increase in the level of private sector investment and the impact this has in communities

• An increase in the quality, amount and type of socially responsible decisions that residents make that have a positive impact in their community

A range of indicators were developed in order to measure achievement of each of these outcomes.

What did you learn (things to avoid, things to do etc)

In order to ensure the social value strategy formulated by the partnership remains fit for purpose, a review structure was put in place to assess any changes in local priorities. Evaluation and review of the council’s social value approach will be undertaken at least annually. Partnership between a range of organisation types allowed for meaningful collaboration on local strategies and increased awareness of any changes in local priorities.

How did this affect understanding and/or achievement of social value?

The development of a social value strategy allowed application of outcomes to procurement exercises in the public sector and integration of social value into tender specifications and evaluations. The social value strategy allowed identification and recognition of social value generation by private, public and third sector organisations during commissioning and delivery.

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Ian Bancroft

Head of Social Growth

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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