Embedding Social Value in your supply chain

Background Info

Staffordshire’s local councils have made clear they expect business owners to create apprenticeships for young people. PM Training, traditionally working within the private sector, over the past two years has worked with the local authorities to train young people for these new apprenticeships. PM Training now has four training centres in each council area of North Staffordshire and has grown in staff from 60 in 2008 to 190 in 2012 due to this collaboration with the local council.

What did you do?

By creating the expectation that suppliers will create apprenticeships for young people, over 1,500 disadvantaged young people were trained per year by PM Training, and 77 per cent of those young people went on to find employment after their apprenticeship. Additionally, setting this expectation of suppliers also benefitted PM Training. Resulting in the opening of four regional offices, and a staff growth from 60 in 2008 to 190 in 2012 due to demand of young people for the new apprenticeship positions created. This cycle of social value contributes not only to the local economy, but to the wellbeing of the community as a whole.

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