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Background Info

Colebridge Trust provides work experience and training for the past 25 years. They began to partner with Automotive Insulations, who was currently struggling with capacity issues. They needed more workers, and Colebridge Trust stakeholders needed jobs.

What did you do?

The relationship between The Colebridge Trust and Automotive Insulations provided jobs to people who needed them, fulfilled the capacity issues that Automotive Insulations was struggling with, while creating social good. Most of the individuals seeking training and skills at The Colebridge Trust have disabilities, and have a hard time finding work in the labour market. Utlising these workers helped Automotive Insulations fulfill capacity needs, and also remain compliant with the Social Value Act.

What did you learn (things to avoid, things to do etc)

Although the Social Value Act does not apply to commissioning exercises undertaken by the private sector, the principles of social value can still be used to create additional benefits for the community.

How did this affect understanding and/or achievement of social value?

This partnership was mutually beneficial for employees and the company, which was in need of new workers. Additionally, Automotive Insulations was acquiring new contracts due to the social value they were creating employing these individuals through the Colebridge Trust.

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